100 guitars playing again in Avignon

New stopover of the “Bateau Ivre”

Following the invitation of Inouï Productions, Arts vivants en Vaucluse, and the city of Avignon, we made a new stopover of “100 guitars on a drunken boat” (a re-creation). 

It took place from September 2018 to June 2019 with a new crew and fabulous new skippers: Jérémy Cardaccia, Julien (Wallace) Corda, Laurent Lucci, Jean-Marc Montera, and guitarists from Avignon, Marseille, Montpellier and Lyon.

A new team of musicians, new partners, a new and wonderful story! The final concert took place in a magnificent setting on the Esplanade of the Garden of the Doms above the Palais des Papes in Avignon.

Many thanks to Guigou Chenevier for the initiative of this invitation. 

100 guitars on a drunken boat in Avignon. Video: Perrine Jean


  • Laurent Lucci
  • Julien Corda
  • Gilles Laval
  • Jérémy Cardaccia
  • Jean Marc Montera
  • … and Guigou Chenevier

from left to right on the picture


Group #1
Julien «Wallace» Corda

  • Domie Dumas
  • Aurélie Johannet
  • Joris Savidan
  • Elliot Allwright
  • Remy Deck
  • Marc Siffert
  • Marc Nodet
  • Timothee Durand
  • Alain Caillau
  • Galaad Germa
  • Andre Graindorge
  • Jean Marie Chabran
  • Serge Goethals
  • Jean Louis Fabre
  • Boris Dardilhac
  • Raphaël Destacamp
  • Matéo Brossat

Group #2
Jérémy Cardaccia

  • Valentine Vaillen
  • Guillaume Jacquet
  • Sébastien Gayrard
  • Delfine Daumas
  • Didier Roth
  • Jean Louis Larcebeau
  • Guillaume Arbod
  • Fabrice Gire
  • Michel Mourgues
  • Andre Lopez
  • Faissal Aankour
  • Amélien Cauchy
  • Billy Rigal
  • Thomas Kleitz
  • Jules Laval
  • Jon Fayard
  • Serge Bégout
  • Grégory Gil

Group #3
Jean Marc Montera

  • Evelyne Ferrand
  • Louisa Fillot
  • Michel Rolland
  • Karim Kacini
  • Didier Soralil
  • Laurent Hodot
  • Anthony Dupuis
  • Antoine Lartigue
  • Kenny Bouilon
  • Christian Chazalon
  • Vincent Desjhières
  • Philippe Couderc
  • Stéphane Prost
  • Stéphane Taufer
  • Emmanuel Perdiguier
  • Marc Bousset
  • Véronique Cambo
  • Félix Combaz
  • Nicolas Chatenoud

Group #4
Gilles Laval / Laurent Lucci

  • Clémentine Gasnier
  • Yann Ponthus
  • Léonie Prost
  • Le Bich Nhi
  • Mia Burel
  • Sylver Tagliamento
  • Jack-Niels Clerc
  • Gaspard Gonthier
  • Adrien Bovigny
  • Mélodie Kostrzewa
  • Pham Trong Hieu
  • Léo Riou
  • Alex Danière
  • Olivier Dick
  • Jean-Pierre Bouchard
  • Thiên Kim Pham Picard
  • Dany Boutin
  • Joachim Silvi
  • José Person
  • Philippe Mura
  • Reine Murigneux

Presentation text by Inouï production

« On June 9, an exceptional concert bringing together a hundred electric guitarists will take place in Avignon, on the esplanade of the Jardin des Doms. “100 Guitars on a Drunken Boat” is a fifty-minute piece created by guitarist and composer Gilles Laval, freely inspired by Arthur Rimbaud’s poem “Le Bateau Ivre”. “100 Guitars on a Drunken Boat” is a musical work as powerful as the waves of the ocean. In turn melodic, rhythmic or noisy, this piece is a heart-rending cry for the protection of the oceans. Each musician has a unique place in an ensemble that brings together guitarists from all walks of life. Conquered by this unique human musical adventure, the team of the Collectif Inouï and the association Inouï Productions have decided to carry this project to Avignon and beyond for more than a year. Since September 2018, a “hard core” of about twenty guitarists from Avignon and the region, reinforced by a few from further afield (Marseille, Lyon, Montélimar, etc.), have begun to rehearse at the Autre Scène in Vedène.

From January 2019 until June, 3 crews of 20 guitarists rehearse in parallel at the rate of one session per month on the Highlands (La Manutention) and at the Sorgues Music School to prepare this extraordinary concert. They will be joined by a group of guitarists from Lyon and Montpellier, on the day of the concert…

4 scenes arranged like the cardinal points with the audience in the middle, in sound and visual immersion for an extraordinary sensory journey. »