Time for Recording: Part 5 – The Mix

After recording the “100 guitars on a drunken boat“, Gilles Laval, Clémentine Gasnier and Gégé Millet spent almost three weeks mixing and mastering the 150+ tracks of the future CD.

Every single guitar track was carefully reviewed, balanced and panned to produce an exceptional soundtrack. Countless hours of hard work finally payed back and we are proud of the final result!

Listen to the Teaser

Note: All sounds are made by guitars

Teaser – “100 guitars on a drunken boat” – Copyright (c) – Gilles Laval / GSUBI

The mix was done at Studio 8PM in Lyon, renowned for the recording and mastering of most of the bands of the underground scene of Lyon. It was a real pleasure to work with old-style analog hardware hosted by Gégé!

Once again this exceptional result would not have been possible without the deep commitment of all participants to this project. Thanks to all!

This blog is the last one in this series.

Stay tuned. We will soon be announcing the release of the CD and its distribution on several platforms!…