About gsubi

Gsubi is here to: create a bond, cultivate curiosity, invent new forms. We’re here to be on your side to educate all of us on how we can be playful and demanding at the same time, immerse ourselves in the realities of today’s popular music with new tools, new technologies, and dive in the richness of creation.

Gsubi encourages different partners and musicians / participants to invent new forms of exchange, co-construction, thus questioning the musical and artistic practices of today and tomorrow.

The team behind gsubi

Gilles Laval: Composer, trainer and head of the project “Bateau Ivre”.

Nicolas Sidoroff: Researcher and educator for the project “Bateau Ivre”.

Salah Kamel: Entrepreneur and developper for the project “Bateau Ivre”.

We have already work with a big & famous Hall of Fame