About Gsubi

Gsubi organizes and produces large scale performances mixing cultures, people and ages

We are a musical artistic structure of creation, research and transmission created after the success of the 100 guitars on a drunken boat.

Projects are implemented following a 3 to 6 month temporal process.
Participants are immersed in a unique collaborative experience.


Our musical creations are tailored for large scale performances of 100+ musicians


Musicians can be professionals or amateurs, of any age, gender, or musical background


A complete temporal process allows for knowledge transfer and team work


One or several concerts are organized to showcase the final creation with all musicians

Our values

We immerse ourselves in the realities of today’s popular music with new tools and new technologies to dive in the richness of creation.

Create long-lasting

We encourage benevolence, respect and inclusion.

Push the
boundaries of curiosity

We stimulate participants to think outside of the box.

Invent new forms
of music

Musical research is in our DNA and every person is a contributor.

Be playful &

We are fueled by humor and fun with a focus on excellence.

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