40 Guitars in Berlin: The First Rehearsal in Lyon

The first rehearsal in Lyon took place at the National School of Music, Dance and Dramatic Art of Villeurbanne. Only two guitarists were missing due to personal issues.

Gilles started with a presentation of the project involving Lyon and Berlin followed by a presentation of the team from Berlin and the new Learning Center. The new generation embraced the new technology at light speed !

After a first round of introductions, we started adjusting the sound balance of our amps and checked the gain of our effects – clean vs overdrive..

One of the participants reminded us all about the discipline and rules required to make a perfect rehearsal: do not play while others are talking! I felt it was a good advice, especially when coming from one of the participants!…

We then started straightforward with the two themes of Embellie. First playing the theme on top the chords, followed by the same theme on top of Ebows. After that, we organized the distribution of the tracks and parts between all of us.

Bateau Ivre followed and we spent a descent amount of time reviewing the Waves, learning to play with volume pedals. When we realized that the sound was missing some bass, we opened up a discussion about re-distributing some of the chords to make the whole sound deeper…

Everyone realized that we have to take more time to work on the details of each section, while keeping a special focus on transitions, which are the most delicate moments of the piece.

See you at the next rehearsal. Can’t wait for that !

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