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Gilles Laval

From solo to 100 guitars and augmented guitars by way of small and large groups, Gilles explores new forms, looks for new writings and initiates artistic … More Gilles Laval

Coralina Picos

Coralina has had many professional lives. Street educator, graphic designer, second-hand clothes dealer, head of an association house, event project manager … Always invested in the … More Coralina Picos

Nicolas Sidoroff

Nicolas is a distinguished musician with multiple part-time jobs, notably teaching at the Cefedem Auvergne Rhône-Alpes in the life-long learning program for music teachers. He spends the … More Nicolas Sidoroff

Salah Kamel

Salah is a bassist and guitarist who spent quite some time in the underground scene of Lyon in the late 90’s between rock, funk and world … More Salah Kamel