Gilles Laval, Nicolas Sidoroff, Salah Kamel and the Hall of Fame


Gilles Laval

From solo to 100 guitars and augmented guitars by way of small and large groups, I’m exploring new forms, looking for new writings, initiating artistic adventures. 

I teach electric guitar and free improvisation at the National School of Music in Villeurbanne since, I’m also in charge of the department of amplified music. And I’m an active and founding member of PaaLabRes (Artistic Practices in Acts, Research Laboratory).

I started in underground groups in Lyon (punk new wave, hardcore, experimental…) that’s where everything starts. I now still navigate in popular music always looking for new experiences. I believe in, and claiming, equality between learned or secular music, traditional music, popular music, contemporary music… we can talk about this if you want!

Innovation, creation, concert, transmission, experience, research, pedagogy, are fundamental parts of my environment. 

I played, invented, improvised with: Fred Frith, Maguy Marin, René Lussier, Guigou Chenevier, Noël Akchoté, Rob Mazurek, Camel Zekri, Phil Minton, Patricia Diallo, Anan Atoyama, Florence Girardon, Joelle Léandre, Marc Dresser, Nicolas Sidoroff, Jean-Charles François, Gregor Hilbe, Dave Gregory, Denis Mariotte, Christian Lhopital, Gyorgy Kurtag, Reinhard Gagel, Xavier Garcia, Vlatko Kucan, Marc Siffert, Sophie Daull, Gamelan of Yogyakarta Gayam 16 (Indonesia), le Diwen de Biskra (Algeria)…

And I like to be underwater, scubadiving, as long as…


Nicolas Sidoroff

Musician and researcher, I like to work on collective creation in situation, creation of sounds, musics and knowledge linked to the ongoing processes. Half-time, I’m a musician-trainer in the Cefedem Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, in the life-long learning program for musical teachers. The other halfs combine music making and researching. I make music in two major adventures since 20 years (free-hardcore with continuous interactions with Gilles Laval, and popular music coming from Ile de la Réunion). My researches are multisituated in every actions, especially with PaaLabRes (Artistic Practices in Acts, Research Laboratory, once again with Gilles Laval) and a PhD study in Educational Sciences, working on a microsociology of musical pratices (Université Paris 8 “Vincennes in Saint-Denis”) and participating in the network “Fabriques de sociologie”.

I have been working with Gilles since 2000 and have known Salah for at least as long…


Salah Kamel

I’m a longtime musician and entrepreneur in the software industry.

My passion remains in the discovery of new experiences building social bounds between humans reinforced by an ongoing creativity and exploration of new adventures.