30 guitars performing at MDA Lyon Going Underground

video from the soundcheck (vidéo: Gilles Laval)

To support the “Going underground” exhibition and the publication of the book “Je suis souterrain” (the underground music scene in Lyon), Gilles Laval is invited to produce a smaller version of the 100 guitars on a drunken boat creation.

30 guitarists from Lyon participate to the project to give an exceptional show. This is the first time the creation is performed indoor at the MDA Lyon 4e on June 28th, 2019!

live version of “Unsaved” (video: Laurence Danière)

Thanks to their past experience in the 100 guitars creation, the group of 30 guitarists from Lyon is now the “super core” of the “Bateau ivre”. The show can now be played as a standalone concert.

The same core team can also be leveraged in future executions of the 100 guitars projects.

Co-producers: coopérative du Zèbre, city of Lyon (69004), the association les enfants du Rhône

#JeSuisSouterrain : 28/06 Maisons des associations (LYON 69004 X rousse ) http://lezebre.info/souterrain/

Special thanks to the core gang!

Clémentine Gasnier, Yann Ponthus, Mélodie Kostrzewa, Jules Laval, Léonie Prost, Philippe Mura, Louisa Filliot, Kenny Bouillon, Jon Fayard, Reine Murigneux, Sébastien Gayrard, Thiên-Kim Pham Picard, Anthony Dupuy, Le Bich Nhi, Pham Trong Hieu, Olivier Dick, Jean-Pierre Bouchard, Guillaume Jacquet, Antoine Lartigue, Alex Danière, Jose Person, Matéo Brossat, Dany Boutin, Léopold Riou, Sylver Tagliamento, Jack-Niels Clerc, Joachim Silvi, Gaspard Gonthier, Adrien Bovigny, Serge Bégout.

More guitarists in our Hall of Fame.

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