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The association Chef Menteur (lieu dit en Louisiane) is an artistic structure of creation, research and transmission, which supports innovative and unusual projects. After the success of “100 guitars on a drunken boat”, an ecopoetic composition for 100 electric guitars by Gilles Laval, created in 2017 in Lyon, then in Villeurbanne and in 2019 in Avignon, we wanted to continue this superb human artistic adventure.  You will find on the website 100 guitars on a drunken boat all the information about the project and our values.

In 2022 we have rethought the project as an exchange between 20 guitarists from Lyon and 20 guitarists from Berlin with a concert in each city in summer. This new concept participates in amplifying the human, artistic and cultural exchanges between the musicians of both countries. It is an exchange process, over a period of 6 months, where the participants are immersed in a unique and warm collaborative experience. The adventure was strong emotionally and artistically with superb concerts in Lyon and Berlin in front of audiences seduced by the writing and the energy of the participants.

After “40 guitars on a drunken boat Lyon/Berlin” in 2022, it is a new stopover with Leipzig that we organize this year: 20 guitarists from Lyon metropolis and 20 guitarists from Leipzig. Rehearsals have already started in both cities, and the concerts will take place in Leipzig on June 21 and in Lyon/Villeurbanne on July 11.


for the global realization of the project, because of the increase of all the costs: hall rental, travels, lodging, meals, etc.

This is why, after long reflection, we appeal to you.

Other stops are already planned with Grenoble and Chambéry next year, then Porto? Athens? and also the descent of the Rhône river in an ecological barge!

We wish, through these various “stopovers”, to create European networks of exchanges between the participants, to invent new forms of artistic cooperation, in connection with the current events and turned towards the future.

And soon the album!

Your donations will be precious for the “40 guitars on a drunken boat Lyon/Leipzig” and for the projects to come  

Thank you for your support!