GSUBI, music for today and tomorrow

creation, research and transmission

Music for today and tomorrow

Musique d'aujourd'hui et de demain

Gsubi is an artistic structure of creation, research and transmission

For musicians from all horizons

Regardless of your age or your lifestyle.
Amateurs or professionals.

Listen to the 3 minute teaser of “100 guitars on a drunken boat” – Copyright (c) – Gilles Laval / GSUBI

We offer extraordinary musical creations for new territories by soliciting local artistic resources.

Create Bonds

Each of our musical creations becomes a project that initiates links across musicians, communities, structures and associations.

Tame Time

The temporal organization of every project allows all participants to interact and engage in the elaboration of the artistic creations.

Encourage Diversity

Participants are engaged in the construction, writing, and transmission process. Each person becomes a contributor.

Our Creations

We create, organize and produces large scale performances in new places and collaborate to re-invent them at every stopover.

100 guitars playing in Avignon 2019

><(((°> ~ ~ <°)))><

Olivier Dick

What a pleasure to have played all these songs on 100 guitars

The songs follow one another and the pleasure is very present. During “Drunken Boat” I realize that this is already the penultimate song that we have to play, one more and it will already be over… This is the third time that I play this version of the drunken boat and this is the third time that I tell myself that the end is coming too quickly. One last clear chord, the silence of the strings and it’s over. What a pleasure to have played all these songs on 100 guitars.

Domie Dumas

I send waves of thanks

Little deckhand embarking on this beautiful aquatic adventure… it is to all those who were able to allow this boat to weigh anchor that I send waves of thanks. First to Gilles for his creative magic, to Guigou and Inoui Production for the quality of their projects, and to Wallace, our super Cap’tain who has stayed the course against thick and thin. If the boat has to call in other ports, I too want to be part of the crew again…

Evelyne Ferrand

Have fun and play the guitar! What happiness!

The friends were delighted. And they were right because they understood, I believe, the great collective success of this poetic journey for 100 musicians coming from several horizons, with disparate skills, and diverse habits. For my part, I am surprised that we managed to do all this with 6 days of rehearsal!

Aurélie Johanet

Thank you for the beautiful positive energy

Another big thank you for making us live this fantastic musical and human adventure !! Thanks to Gilles, Wallace and the other captains, Guigou and the entire Inouï Productions team for their great positive energy. A kindness which made it possible to feel pleasantly welcome in the project, at each stage of the journey.

Kenny Bouillon

A great human and musical adventure!

Thank you again for this great trip! Indeed, the boat has pitched dangerously at times… And it was difficult to stay on course, hence a certain frustration for this third stopover. But I keep only the best: a great human and musical adventure! Thank you to the whole team who supported this project.


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