GSUBI, music for today and tomorrow

creation, research and transmission

GSUBI, music for today and tomorrow

Socialize large-scale musical creations and performances

Gsubi is an artistic structure of creation, research and transmission

For musicians of all ages, all ways of life, all life stories, amateurs or professionals

Gsubi creates out-of-the ordinary creations to invest territories and solicits local artistic resources. Each initiates links across musicians, communities, structures and associations.

The temporal organization of each creation – or re-creation – of every project allows all participants to interact and participate to the ongoing elaboration of the artistic creation.

Participants are heavily engaged in the construction, writing, and transmission process. The uniqueness of each person’s background contributes to the success of the whole.


100 guitars playing in Avignon 2019
100 guitars playing “Le Bateau Ivre” in Villeurbanne 2017

“Out of the ordinary” creations are performed in new places and reinvented for each musical creation.

Gilles Laval

The next Gsubi musician can be you. The next Gsubi partner can be you.