Guitars on a Drunken Boat in Berlin & Lyon – Apply now!

The 100 guitars on a drunken boat is an evolutionary project created by Gilles Laval, composed initially for 100 electric guitars and inspired by the French poem of Arthur Rimbaud, “Le bateau ivre”. It reinvents itself, with each new re-creation in new contexts.

For this new stopover, we are offering, in partnership with Milk Me, to embark 40 guitarists, 20 from Lyon and 20 from Berlin on a new adventure.

The two groups will join in June 2022 for a concert in Berlin, followed by a concert in Lyon.

The rehearsals will take place from January to June. Participants will also use web conferences for a better remote collaboration. The Learning Center on our web site is also available for interactive learning.


If you are a guitarist with more than 3 years of experience, and under 30 years old

Requirements to participate

  • Be under 30 years old
  • Have at least 3 years of guitar practice
  • Be self-sufficient in terms of equipment: guitar, amp and pedals
  • Commit to attending all rehearsals, web conferences and concerts
  • Be autonomous in learning the pieces of the creation using our Learning Center
  • Be from the Lyon or Berlin region
  • Have valid travel documents to travel to France and Germany
  • Comply with all COVID-19 regulations in France and Germany at all times

Project Planning

The project will take place from January to the end of June 2022. Have a look at the overall planning and phases (click to enlarge)

100 guitars on a drunken boat – Lyon Berlin Planning

Any questions?

Should you have any question about the selection process, the project, the music, or anything else, please feel free to drop us a note at We usually reply within 2 business days.