Time for Recording: Part 3 – Plan the Recordings

Shortly before going on studio to record the 100 guitars on a drunken boat, Gilles Laval and Serge Begout met to plan the recording sessions.

Gilles took some time to explain his creative world with all the gizmos he uses in his musical research.

He shows us how he uses a threaded shaft to create sperm whales sounds or a steel rod to mimic Mermaid voices! Not to mention chopsticks and stainless steel sponges that produce amazing sounds.

Gilles and Serge have worked hard to create the overall plan of the 5-day sessions where 20 of us were going to lock ourselves down to record this master piece…

Complicated spreadsheets and tables, documented timelines… Nothing was left behind in the planning process to ensure the best use of our time during the recordings.

Gilles and Serge had to adjust some of the parts to make sure they fit the “studio” format.

How/who/when/what were the questions they had to answer prior to starting the recordings. Figuring out whether recording the “bugs” had to happen before or after the Maelström was part of their job. How many effects had to be recorded in the studio or added after the mix? How many of us were going to play pieces twice? How many tracks were we going to record?

This shows how much effort was put in the preparation to ensure a smooth and easy recording session…

We are now ready to go On Air!