Time for Recording: Part 2 – The Rehearsals

Here we are again locked for 5 days of intensive work to rehearse the 100 guitars on a drunken boat“.

We all showed up at 9:30 am over the weekends in Villeurbanne. Being all together again felt like heaven.

20 gsubists are now up to work! We started with “Unsaved” to get to know each other and warm up our fingers and our guitars. Then little by little we looked at “De ses longs cheveux bleus”, “Embellie”, “Roches”, “Chaloupes”, and “Bateau Ivre”.

What a pleasure to see us all regaining control of our EBows, our sticks, our stainless steel sponges, our alligator clips and all the other little gizmos we use for creating theses unique musical moments where guitars sound like whales, water drops, thunderstorms or maëlstroms!…

Gilles, Nico and Serge gave us a hard time. Most of the tracks were changed. We had to prepare for a studio recording, and not for a concert. Nuances were added here and there; parts were adapted to be played on a click; most of us had to play several pieces with different guitars. In short, it was a real pleasure with lots of suffering, smiles, fun, and happy faces.

Special thanks to the ENM-Villeurbanne music school that gave us the opportunity to use its facilities.

After 5 full days of work and preparation, we are now ready to go on-air! And that will be the topic of my next blog.