Salah Kamel

Salah is a bassist and guitarist who spent quite some time in the underground scene of Lyon in the late 90’s between rock, funk and world music. He was the founding member and composer of a band called Kebab’s at that time.

Salah is also the founder of Semarchy, a software company who specializes in data management, where he still holds a seat as a strategic board member.

Along with Gilles, Nicolas, Serge and Clementine, Salah is one of the core members and investors at Gsubi. He reached out to Gilles in late 2018 after the first success of the 100 guitars on a drunken boat to help with the next stages of this creation. Since then, Salah is actively engaged in most aspects of Gsubi, from musical research to legal, finance, go to market, and more.

Salah holds a master’s degree in computer science from INSA Lyon where he studied theatre and music in parallel.

My passion remains in the discovery of new experiences building social bounds between humans reinforced by an ongoing creativity and exploration of new adventures.

Salah Kamel