Nicolas Sidoroff

Nicolas is a distinguished part-time musician and teacher at the Cefedem Auvergne Rhône-Alpes in the the life-long learning program for music teachers. He spends the other part of his time in music creation and research.

In the past twenty years, Nicolas composed music in various bands including free-hardcore music, continuous interactions with Gilles Laval, and popular music from the Reunion island.

Nicolas’ research is always multi-located, especially with PaaLabRes (Artistic Practices in Acts, Research Laboratory – with Gilles Laval).

Nicolas holds a PhD in Educational Sciences, with a thesis on microsociology of musical practices (Paris 8 University “Vincennes in Saint-Denis”). He is an active member of the “Fabriques de sociologie” network.

Nicolas and Gilles Laval have worked closely together since 2000.

I like working in collaborative environments for sound creation and music composition where knowledge is transferred throughout a human process

Nicolas Sidoroff