Temporal process

“100 guitares on a drunken boat” is a project that invites participants to engage in an experience that is built over time.
This is one of the strengths of this project to allow time to meet and learn. Depending on the territories and partner structures, the process may change significantly.

To simulate a possible course of action, we will use an example already produced in Avignon (France) in 2018-2019. (A visual representation of such a process is at the bottom.)

Timeline of the project

(With an aim to a concert in June)

Phase 1 (until September)

1a) Meeting with local and associated producers
In the spring and summer of the previous year: we (gsubi and first producers) present the project and explain the general organization.
Depending on the territories, inviting peoples and structures and their history, we choose a possible organization and others partnership.
We propose future “skippers”, local partners, rehearsal venues, etc.

1b) Meetings with local partners
In early September: we (gsubi and first partners) present the project and his advancements.
We choose the 4 “skippers” who will lead the project with Gilles Laval. And we propose about 20 “hard core guitarists”, previously identified by the various local partners (associations, music school, rehearsal venues, concert hall…).
Then we define the planning and rehearsal venues of the “core group” (from September to December), the date of the call for participations, the planning and rehearsal venues of the 4 groups of 25 guitarists, the dates and venues of the general rehearsals, the concert date(s).

Phase 2 (September to January)

2a) Organization of the rehearsals of the “hard core”
From September to December: we (gsubi and partners) organize 6 to 8 rehearsals with the group of 20 experienced guitarists called “hard core” supervised by the 4 skippers and Gilles Laval. These guitarists will become referees in phase 3.

2b) Public presentation, call for participations and registration
At least in January: we (gsubi and partners) present the project in public with a mini-concert of the referees’ group
We register the participants, either the same evening or via an internet link or a paper document.
The only constraints required for registration are:

  • have some guitar and/or musical experiences in all kind of backgrounds
  • be autonomous in terms of equipment (a guitar, an amp, a saturation pedal)

The registrations are closed after 1 month maximum.
We distribute the new registrants and guitarists from the “core group” in the 4 groups (according to the answers to the questionnaire given to participants about disponibilities and locations).

Phase 3 (February to June)

3) The building with all participants
From February to June: we (gsubi and partners) organize 6 to 8 rehearsals (rehearsal schedule 10am-12.30am/2pm-5.30pm) with each of the 4 groups.
We organize also 2 general rehearsals with all the participants, one at mid-term and the other close to the concert(s).
We make one or several concerts, depending of the scale of the partnerships included in the production.

Visual representation