Technical rider

This is a proposition to be discussed

100 guitares sur un bateau ivre“, created by Gilles Laval.

As its name suggests, this is a given concert by… 100 guitarists.

To get an idea of the show, you can see here an extract of the first performance (given in 2017 for the festival les Invites de Villeurbanne):

This technical rider has been designed to obtain the best artistic result with simple technical means. It is of course adaptable to specific places and situations.

For further information and details


This technical rider concerns the takeover of this creation near in the region of Lyon, France. For the representations outside this region, the technical part remains valid. On the other hand, reception, transport, accommodation etc. will be defined with the director.



You will therefore welcome a group of 100 guitarists, accompanied by 4 conductors (the “Skippers”) and a stage manager – sound engineer.


The duration of the show is around 50 minutes.

We need two hours of installation and two hours of rehearsals before the day of the representation. It is understood that at the time of the arrival of the artists and their installation, all the technical devices will be operational.

Security – Insurance

Upon arrival at the venue, the musicians’ equipment and personal effects and technicians are under the responsibility of the organiser, in particular in the event of theft or damaging. The organiser will have taken the necessary and usual insurances for the organisation of shows (civil liability, theft, fire, water damage, cancellation…) both for its personnel, its equipment only for all the group’s effects and equipment

It will be a question of being particularly attentive to each scene while trying to keep a good balance between supervision of the artists’ material and a friendly atmosphere. It does not seems, for example, to be completely irrelevant to install barriers between the scenes and the public.

The organizer will take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of the public.

Artists’ reception – dressing rooms

We need one (or more) spaces for artists to change, personal belongings, shelter in case of rain etc. 100 m2 seems to us to be a strict minimum (we’re 100 and more people!).

This area must be monitored or closed, under the responsibility of the organizer. A accreditation system will be set up by the organiser to limit access to this space for authorized persons only.

A sufficient number of toilets will be available near the performance site.

300 small bottles of water will be made available to musicians; coffee and tea will be an appreciated attention.


Stage installation

All technical and stage installations are the responsibility of the organiser and must be ready when the artists arrive.

The audience is at the centre and four scenes are arranged at the four cardinal points. The space reserved for the public is 20 meters wide, with a capacity of 1200 people. The public can also be hold on to the exterior surroundings of the stages, but the acoustics will of course not be optimal.

In an appropriate way with the topography of the site, these four scenes could measure 8 meters of opening by 4 meters of depth (for example 16 stage platforms 2x1m) and be graded in three or four levels

A platform need to be installed in front of each stage to welcome each “skipper”.


On each stage are 25 guitarists, all of whom play on their own amps, some of whom are having also pedals. It is difficult to give an exact consumption of this set of amps (each brand, each model having a different performance).

In order to avoid taking risks per scene, we ask for three power lines separate 16A, with extensions and power outlets in sufficient quantity to distribute power to each musician.

An electrician in charge, responsible for this distribution and familiar with the electrical installation of the site, must be present from the artists arrival until the end of the show.


Each musician comes with his amp placed close by him, no specific sound amplification system is needed for the global sound of the guitarits. But one system is needed is to talk to the public. And Gilles Laval must also be able to communicate with the other three skippers, so we need three ear monitors and a micro headband.

Our sound request is therefore as follows:

  • a 12 voice console (unless a smaller one exist)
  • a simple sound system for addressing the public.
  • a Shure UR4S HF microphone or equivalent
  • a hyper-cardioid headband HF microphone (Shure UR 1 set + DPA capsule or equivalent)
  • 3 Shure PSM 900 ears monitors or equivalent
  • batteries in sufficient quantity to hold during installation, for two hours of rehearsal and the show


Usually, this project is played in daylight. But a night version is also possible.