A lot of ressources is made available for each participants in the creation: a website dedicated to the project as well as a youtube channel are updated at each re-creation.

The website

A resource site is buildt with an explanatory page for each piece, interactive pages with the youtube channel, conductors, scores in various and different notations… For example, inside these conductors, each can simply clicks on one of the proposed parts to be directed to a tutorial on the youtube channel, where it is explained in detail how and where to play the desired part, or how to use the different objects for guitar preparations (steel wool, chopsticks, skewer picks, whale eye bigaros, metal sponge…).

It is also a link to participants who can access summaries of rehearsals, team remarks, and so on.

For example, one screenset of the site from the creation in Lyon in 2017:

The Youtube channel: 100 GSUBI ( 100 Guitares Sur Un Bateau Ivre)

A dedicated Youtube channel offers many tutorials: scores, videos of the different guitar parts, conductors, specific audio recordings… They allow participants to work remotely, before and after the rehearsals.